About Us

Who are we? Madison Avenue LA started in Los Angeles, when two digital marketing agency employees noticed something wrong with the industry, and knew things had to change.

The biggest problems? Consistency. Reliability. Accountability.

Too often, we saw that the way most big agencies work with clients was wrong. Almost every digital marketing agency spends more time on sales calls, convincing you to spend more money on stuff you don't need, than on the actual work you've paid them for. They'd talk with confusing terms, so by the time you hand over your money you can't even remember what you bought. They give you confusing timelines and expectations, and somehow that simple website you wanted takes months and thousands of dollars to make.

They promise results without backing it up, taking money from hard working business owners without considering the value of their dollar. Raising expectations without ever being accountable, and ultimately, not being able to deliver.

At Madison Avenue LA, we wanted to change the system. Our team works efficiently, spending less time talking and more time designing, creating, and working hard to get you what you need as soon as possible. We work without all the phone conference calls, we work without confusing terms, sales pitches, and all the other stuff that agencies do because we want to make a change. At Madison Avenue LA, you invest in us, and we invest in you. Period.

You ask, we deliver. That's how we do it at Madison Avenue, LA.